Rock On

Well…only one thing I can write about today and that, of course, is the ongoing Stampeder tour of British Columbia. The thing about being a band on tour is that it’s all-consuming…you really don’t have time or energy for anything…


It's Showtime Folks!

Well, here I am in Victoria. Or perhaps I should say here WE are because there is a fair entourage on the road this trip. Lori is with me and Rich has his wife Mary-Lynn and daughter Holly. We have…



Lyle died last night. 

It’s been a couple of hours since we heard. 

It’s been about 24 hours since we saw him last. 

Lori and I had discussed on Sunday whether to wait until Easter for a…


Bing Crosby

Yesterday Lori and I went to Kelowna for our friend Lyle’s 99 birthday party. It was the second one he’s had since the weekend. For the first one, which was held on Sunday, he was treated to a belly dance…


Beware the Ides of March

The Ides of March. A very bad day for Julius Caesar… or so the story goes. Imperial blood on the tile, multiple knife holes in the royal toga, betrayal, disbelief, death. 

Yup…sounds like March to me. Not that I…


Here We Are Again

Well, here we are again, the end of another February. Winter lingers. More than lingers, it’s like the last drunk at the bar who won’t go home even though the chairs are being turned up on the tables and the…


Being There

The other evening, as I was putting the finishing touches on dinner and Lori was grazing through the tv menu, the unmistakeable sound of Deodato’s fabulously jazzy rendition of the Theme from 2001 burst into the room. ‘How great is…


Valentine's Day

I received two Valentine cards today. One from my number one Valentine, my dearest Lori, who has filled my life with love and fun and so much else. The other one came from an unexpected source…it came from my late…



I’ve been sore for a week. Sore, as in spasming lower back and aching between the shoulder blades. These symptoms are not new to me; I’ve had lots of muscle strains and skeletal misalignments over the course of my years…


What's Up Today?

Let’s see now…what’s on my mind today? Hmmm…? 

Nothing much really…I mean I did watch the Trumpster on tv last eve and I admit to being somewhat perplexed by the circus that the State of the Union address seems…



Lori and I went to Kelowna yesterday on the news that an old friend/distant relative of hers had taken ill and was in hospital. We had gotten word that it was serious and so we headed out first thing. 




That’s all I can see out my window. A wall of white from shoreline to sky, unbroken, no shades, no interruptions, no variation. A fog, thick and gloomy, obliterating the snow covered lake and the mountain across it…