More Smoke

I’ve been sitting here for half an hour wanting to write something positive, or joyful, or up lifting. 

Oh well…who knows…maybe such a mood will evolve as we go along. 

This year has become all about the fires…



August is grinding to a close here in paradise. One generally doesn’t speak of glorious summer as ‘grinding’ in any way. Summer is free, fun and fabulous…generally. But this is no glorious summer. People have been cancelling vacation reservations, pulling…


The Times They Are A'Changin'

Well, I’ve officially entered a new phase of my life… the ‘old’ phase. I recall many years ago a man who was a decade or so older than me but younger than I am now, bemoan what he called the…


On the Road Again

Well I’m back home after ten days on the road. Ten days bookended by Stampeder dates in Sault Ste. Marie and Burin Newfoundland with three a half days in between spent working with my longtime friend and collaborator Gary MacArthur…



Summer has landed. A week of steady heat, raw sunshine, beer, water, friends, music. 

Ah yes…I’ll take it. The days have been in the mid to high thirties, the breeze barely enough to rustle the leaves. It’s great summer…


In a Funk

OK… It’s one of those days when I have nothing going on that inspires me to write. It’s not that my mind is a blank or that I couldn’t just wax on…again…about the majesty of the natural world… or how…


Can't Talk to the Taxman


I’m trying to get a call through to the CRA. Yes, the Canada Revenue Agency. It seems they do not want to accept my GST/HST filing for this past year. My accountant tried to file electronically, which is…



My birthday is coming up…next week. It’s a zero year. And we all know (for reasons that make absolutely no sense) that zero years are definitely the most significant. It’s as though they usher in new eras of our lives. 


On and On

I'm writing this morning from Calgary. Lori and I are staying with my sister for a few days. We made the trip over the mountains this time in order to be present for two family memorials, one for my little…



I watched a very interesting show on tv the other night. It was a CNN look-back on the year 1968. Sixty-eight was, of course, 50 years ago and it was indeed an extraordinarily  tumultuous year for the United States and…


How High's the Water Momma?

Man is it wet this morning, a real soaker, solid grey with a foggy haze obscuring the hilltops. The lake is up a good four inches overnight. I know because I had planted some stakes to mark my water line…


Foot Valve

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m sitting in the living room by the windows so I can look out at this shiny new day. We’ve had a couple of geese hanging around. They had taken to perching on the roof and…