Hey Friends,

Now that COVID -19 has shut down the concert and public performance way of life, I find myself with more time and less money. 

It seems to me that a good solution to both of those problems might be to spend some of my time drumming on your recordings. I know a lot of you are musicians and songwriters and so I'm offering my services as a 'hired gun'. In other words, I want to play drums on your songs.

I have been drumming remotely for a couple of years now, mostly for friends and for fun. I have my own studio and am set up to record and transfer to you multiple audio tracks (kick, snare, high hat, toms, etc.) all ready for mixing into your music. Or, if you prefer, I'll mix the kit and you can just add the drums to your song as a single track. It all depends on what you're looking for.

Just send me your music (I'll show you how to do that) and I'll do the rest, or we can work together to find just the style you're looking for. You know my groove. If you'd like to hear what it sounds like on your song...Let's go!

                                                                            Click here to touch base and get started

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